Medieval Times

Really, really old fashioned fun

There’s old fashioned fun and then there’s really, really old fashioned fun. Medieval Times transports you to another time and place.


Snapchat Filter

We developed a black plague filter to keep people in the spirit of Medieval Times. It may not be conventionally fun, but it’s really, really old fashioned fun.

Snapchat filter



Gifs shared on Instagram as a reminder that people still had fun in Medieval times, despite not having any luxuries. Like cars. Or silverware.

Medieval Times Dictionary

Not everyone knows the King’s English. In that case, this is a manual each patron would get before their dinner show.

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In-restaurant Napkin Phrases

In the dark ages before silverware was invented, hands got very dirty.

So, it makes sense to communicate the napkin’s incredible importance during the dining experience at Medieval Times.

In-Restaurant Bathroom Signage


Medieval Times Billboard
Medieval Times Billboard
Medieval Times Billboard