Glacéau SmartWater

Be Transparent.

Lead contamination in our water sources is a major problem. SmartWater is a premium bottled water brand that’s municipally sourced, so they can become champions of clean tap water.

It’s best to be transparent.


Lead testing strips will be placed on SmartWater bottles.

With these lead testing strips, the signature water drop will be turned into a sticker, with the strip underneath. People can use it to check their tap water at home.

After testing the tap water, a microsite allows people to upload and record their results by entering their address and uploading a photo of the used strip.


Contacting the right people about contaminated water can be a confusing and difficult process, so SmartWater handles the rest. They’ll contact the proper authorities and keep a log of the affected locations, so that all users can see them on a map.

SmartWater Reporting Microsite

But reporting issues rapidly won’t solve the problem fast enough. So Smartwarter would send machines with their special filtration technology to these areas. This will temporarily provide the community with drinking water while the government addresses the sourcing issues.