Everyone needs a break from time to time, even if only for a moment. The Go to Your SKIPPY® Place campaign visualizes how SKIPPY® Peanut Butter can be a quick escape from life's little bummers.


The campaign launched on social with a series of hypnotizing loops, inviting viewers into our relaxing SKIPPY® dream world filled with snacking moments.

In March of 2020, we went from enjoying the real world to escaping it in our virtual Animal Crossing islands. But we soon realized Animal Crossing had its own difficulties - Fake art, losing money in the Stalk Market, and getting the ever-elusive blue rose. To give players a place to escape their own islands, we created a paradise full of blue rose fields, fresh turnips, and genuine art.

COPY: Olivia Boone

CREATIVE DIRECTORS: David Mackereth + Nat Resende


AGENCY: BBDO Minneapolis

DIRECTED BY: Terri Timely


© Holly Younce