Student Work

Spec campaigns from VCU Brandcenter.


Raisinets — Loved. By Some.

Raisinets are a divisive candy. Turns out a lot of people hate raisins.

CW: Tim Shumar

Raisinets wrinkly
Raisinets Raisins
Raisinets Chocolate
Valentine's Point of Sale Display

Raisinets boxes in the display will have Valentine's related phrases to remind people they're loved by some.

Raisinets In-Store
Raisinets box phrases

Loved By Some Unfollow Bot

When a person follows @NestleRaisinets on Twitter a bot will follow that person back and keep track of their follower count. Once a threshold number of Twitter users unfollow that person, @NestleRaisinets will tweet them in sympathy and offer a code for a free pack of Raisinets.

Twitter Unfollow Bot

Medieval Times — Really, Really Old-Fashioned Fun

Going to Medieval Times is almost like being transported back in time.

CW: Kaitlin DeMayo


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